As a specialty contractor, J&B Steel's innovative approach to meeting the needs of today's fast-paced business environment builds on a competitive pricing policy and exacting standards of operation.

Our employees are dedicated to delivering the best.  We've made a significant commitment to their hiring and training ... and that means on-time work and performance you can count on.

J&B Steel demands quality in its operations from start to finish.  We offer dependable, on-time work by qualified and highly motivated employees.

We break down our work types by:

highway and bridges    airport tunnels     wind farms     hospitals    parking garages


Erecting Precast Beams

We erect precast beams in the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky and have for several years. With every bridge project being different, it is critical to review the terrain to make sure we utilize the proper crane and that the crane pad is in correct location. Egress for the trucks is also important as well. With our proven experience in erecting precast beams, you can feel certain we're the right team for your project.